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Setup Problem= Compaq

By afjasi ·
Long story Short: Computer locked up in middle of a game - Would not restart - Came back with list of HD Boot Directory, then locked up again ::::

Changed hard drive::: (Fdisked & Formatted

Used Compaq Recovery Disks -Screen Blanks out after "Starting System Recovery" -

Moved HD to another computer - loaded Win XP - worked great..

Moved it back to original computer - comes back with original problem....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Setup Problem= Compaq

Well for a start you can not load XP onto one system and move it to a different system unless it has identical hardware as the OS will not have the correct drivers installed to actually load.

With XP you do not need to run FDISK unless you are establishing several partitions on the system so all you should need is the Recovery Cd and boot off that. If there is no System HDD present it will go straight into the Windows XP setup and you can format from there and use the Long Format option not the Quick Option.

It that doesn't work you have a hardware problem and need to find out what is going on, I of course take it that you have gone into BIOS and made the necessary changes for the different HDD right?

To test your Hardware download The Ultimate Boot CD from

Make a boot able CD from the ISO image and then drop it into your CD/DVD drive and run the diagnostics from there to check all your hardware. It's also a good idea to download the makers of your new HDD Diagnostic Utility and test your new HDD it could be faulty as well.


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by entawanabi In reply to Setup Problem= Compaq

As it is a COMPAQ it is OLD, most likely the Compaq drive medium is worn out, fatigued, and the chips are used up and no longer able to support operations; maybe to find out: somehow get available memory in Mega-bites of the drives, the machine should give you a number that is backslashed; that to the left of the bacvkslash is the total volumne of the drive and that to the right is what is available, How on yours I don't know. you are supposed to be able to do this with the chips also but I don't know how at all.

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by wcp In reply to Setup Problem= Compaq

This is definitely a HW problem and caused by any of the following. I listed in the order of convenience of testing.

1. Power supply
2. Video card - if integrated it is same as MB
3. RAM
4. CPU
5. Motherboard (MB)

Take out any PCI card before testing.

If you are not sure, take the system to a reputable service place.

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by wcp In reply to

Testing any part above means replacing it with a known good one.

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by wcp In reply to

If you do not have any repacement, take the system to a service place.

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