Setup Small Office Network

By qtomm ·
Hi! Can someone help me with this setup, any help would be really appreciate. Thank you.

we just open new office with 5 user. here is what i got.

1 DSL line (with static IP)
1 cisco router catalyst 2600
1 cisco switch catalyst 2950 (i will use vlan1)
1 domain controller act as AD,DNS,DHCP server.
our internal subnet is 10.6.x.x network.
5 PC (client)


How can i setup on the router and switch to get 5 client access to internet.

And what should i do to have these 5 client can access to their PC from remote location( maybe using VPN or Remote desktop tool)

can you help me with the configuration of the cisco device as far as the system too.



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What have you done so far

by NetMan1958 In reply to Setup Small Office Networ ...

Hi Tom, I can help you. You are trying to do pretty standard stuff. First I need to know what you have done so far. That is, have you patched all the components together and have you done any configuration on the router and switch? Can you post your router and switch configs (you can mask the Public IPs and your passwords)?

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follow up

by qtomm In reply to What have you done so far

Thank you Netman. Here is what i did so far.

I already finished setting the LAN. Currently all 5 Client is connecting to the netgear hub.I create the DHCP scope 10.6.10.x/24 from domain controller and all 5 client get the IP from it.

As far as internet connect activity, i have done nothing yet. The ISP just installed the DSL last week and provided the statis IP.

I have 1 cisco router & one 24 port cisco switch, can i connect

DSL-->cisco router-->cisco switch->user??

i just want the user have internet access, and be able to access pc from remote location using either vpn or remote desktop tool. How do you config these?

i heard something about network address translation but dont know how to config it. Or whatever best way that you can refer to make it work. But I do want the router and switch connect the network just for furture grown of the company.

Thanks again sir.


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Need more info

by NetMan1958 In reply to Setup Small Office Networ ...

First, let's determine the capabilities of your router. Do you know how to access the router CLI(command line interface)? If you do, run the command "show version" without the quotes, and look for the line that yields the image name (it will look similar to this: System image file is "flash:c831-k9o3y6-mz.124-5b.bin") and post that output.

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set gateways and default routes

by Gate keeper In reply to Need more info

for the part of getting all your computers internet access.

1- set all your PC gateway addresses to the IP address of the router interface.

2- on the router set a default route i.e all unknown IP (anything destined for outside) should be forwarded to the interface on the router that has the DLS connection.

should look something like:
ip route s0/0 (DSL line)

how and why this works is (simplified): if the destination address is not , the PC forwards the request to the configured default gateway.

when the router receives it, if the destination address is not in the routing table (no in the 10.x.x.x) range that it goes out the DSL line.

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set gateway

by qtomm In reply to set gateways and default ...

Thank you for your reply sir.

So here is what i'm going to do.

My Domain controller IP is

i set my cisco router Fa0/0 to

On the S0/0 interface, do i have to config any thing so it can talk to the DSL router?

then i do a ip route command.

I will try it today and keep you post it. Thanks again.

BTW, my second concern is how to setup so my employee can use Remote Desktop or VPN to get to their Pc from outside of the office? any help would be really appreciate. Thanks again sir.

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OK, Let's try this again

by NetMan1958 In reply to set gateway

You said:
"On the S0/0 interface, do i have to config any thing so it can talk to the DSL router?"
"BTW, my second concern is how to setup so my employee can use Remote Desktop or VPN to get to their Pc from outside of the office? any help would be really appreciate. Thanks again sir."

Go back to my previous post, to help you, I need more info, e.g.
As for the DSL, most DSL providers use PPPoE and that has to be configured on the router. Also, the VPN capability depends on the IOS version running on the router. Yours may or may not support VPN but I can't tell because I don't know your IOS version.

If you want help, you are going to have to be more forthcoming with some additional info. Otherwise go to and look it up for yourself.

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image name.

by qtomm In reply to OK, Let's try this again

NetMan! I miss your last post. here is the image name from my router

System Image file is "flash:c2600-i-mz.120-7.T"


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Here's the scoop

by NetMan1958 In reply to image name.

Ok, now we're getting somewhere. The ios image you are currently running doesn't support VPNs. You can double-check it by going to and select "search by image", plugin that image filename.
To add dial-up vpn support(pptp) you will need to upgrade to the IP Plus feature set which requires a minimum of 32/8 DRAM/Flash. To support IPSEC 56 you will need the IP Plus IPSEC 56 feature set which requires 40/16 DRAM/Flash. You can check the amount of DRAM and Flash your router currently has by running the "show version" command.

If you can't or don't want to upgrade the 2600, you have 3 options:
(1)Run it like it is and have a machine on your LAN(perhaps your Windows server)function as a VPN server.
(2)Obtain a cheaper VPN capable router such as a Linksys, Netgear, DLink, Netopia, etc.

Let me know which way you want to proceed and we will continue.


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follow up

by qtomm In reply to Here's the scoop

Netman! I had finish setup my network last night and success. All 5 of my pc are able to access to internet.


took me good about 5 hour :)

As far as VPN, due to budget issue, Since i already have window 2003 enterprise server, can we setup the VPN from there?

Here is a service that i already install on that server



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by NetMan1958 In reply to Here's the scoop

The trick to using a server as a VPN endpoint is that you have to be able to reach it over the internet. That means it has to have a public(routable) ip address or you have to configure NAT/PAT on your router to forward to the server.

I'm assuming that you already have NAT enabled and configured on your router since you say your PCs can access the internet. If this isn't correct, post back and let me know and we will have to go from there.

So if NAT is already working, you will need to add an entry from global config mode such as this:
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 80 extendable

replace the with the actual ip of your server, replace the with the ip you put on your router's internet interface, replace the 80's with the port number your server will be listening to for VPN traffic.

I've never configured VPN on a windows server, so if you are not familiar with how to do it, you might want to create a new post to get advice on that.

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