How to set up unbranded NAS on a LAN

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Hi everyone, any advice please would be greatly appreciated.

I am a complete beginner and know very little about computer networks. I need however to build a home network for basic file sharing and remote access would also be very useful. I would especially like to access and share files (mostly books, student's notes, pdf's, the odd videos and, perhaps later on, CAD files etc.stored on a NAS.

I've been using the NAS device as an external HDD with a USB cable for a couple few years now. It is unbranded and as far as I know does not have an OS or special software installed and it look like this:

I have a small Netgear GS305 switch connected via Ethernet to a range extender and I have set up a sub network. NAS and PC are connected via Ethernet and other devices I'll want to connect wirelessly and remotely.

Question 1: If it can be helped, I would prefer NOT to have to download additional software e.g. FreeNas or whatever. Do I need any special software for my NAS or can I do it all using Windows 10?

Question 2: Are there any really good tutorials for beginners? I've looked at a few on YouTube but these have not really helped and some have only confused me even more. Any tips for a novice such as myself would be very helpful.

Question 3: Please be brutally honest, is setting up a home network really easy enough for a novice like myself to do?
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