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By Engerasia ·
I have developed a web-based php-mysql(wampserver) system, i want to install it in company network for it to be accessible via localhost, please tell me the hardware, software,network and other requirements to buy for the installation. how do i do the insatallation? how do i acess from a client computer? How do i secure the systems? thank you!

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Strange Question

by gechurch In reply to sever set up

Without trying to be rude, I suggest you give more thought into how you ask questions if you want useful answers. You've listed a lot of questions at once, and they are all open-ended, and you don't mention your requirements (how big will the database get, how many users, how devastating would down-time be etc).

I'll try to answer. Firstly, network machines won't be able to access it by localhost. Localhost is a shortcut for 'this PC', so you will only be able to access your site using localhost when you are sitting on the machine hosting the site.

What hardware? That depends entirely on your needs.Since you're talking about using localhost I'm guessing it will be a basic program for a very small site. If that's the case use whatever you want. An 8-year-old Pentium 4 with a network card may well be fine. If you app is doing some heavy CPU work, or will send a lot of data over the network then optomise these areas; use a faster (or multiple) CPUs, and use better/more network cards.

Software? I don't understand why you're asking this. You've already stated you're going to use WAMP. That should be all the software you need - it includes the web server, PHP and MySQL. Since WAMP only works on Windows, I'd suggest using that as your OS!

How do you do the installation? Read the WAMP documentation. It's all there, and is simple. Just take your time and run through step by step.

How to access from a client PC? Again, WAMP will no-doubt have some documentation around this. What you will want to do is give the server PC (ie. the PC running WAMP) a static IP address, then point the client PCs to that address. For example, if you choose the addres of for the server, client PCs will access your site using the address You can also access by computer name. For example, if you call the PC 'wamp-server' you can access the site using http://wamp-server.

Security? That depends on what you need. By the sounds of it you only want local PCs accessing it. If that's the case, make sure port 80 (the port your WAMP site will use) is not accessible from outside your network. Your router will probably block this, and you can use a firewall to do it too. If you want tighter security from within the local network you need to give us more specific questions. For example, if you're worried that people can put their own .php files on your WAMP server then you would want to block access using file permissions.

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Reponse To Answer

by Engerasia In reply to Strange Question

Thank you very much, i will be precise next time.I've got it about software and network.....but if you don't mind, please let me add some more information. Firstly the PC will have all systems(like 15),More than 150 people will be accessing the PC, if i could have a wider suggestion than just the local host,i will be grateful for your advice,thank you!

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by gechurch In reply to sever set up

Assuming all the PCs that need to access your software will be local (that is, on the same LAN) then all you need to do to let them access your software is open a browser and connect to http://wamp-server (or whatever your server name is). Or perhaps the URL will be something like http://wamp-server/myApp/ (if you put your application into a folder on the server called myApp).

If you need people from the Internet to be able to access your software you will need to set up port forwarding on your router. If this is the case let me know and I can give you more details.

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