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Several different kinds of memory not working in an older laptop

By neeboy74 ·
I have a friend down the street who has a Compaq Presario R3000 laptop (a real barnburner, right???) that is running very slow. He asked me to look at it for him to see if it could be made to run faster. It has Windows XP home edition; looking at "My computer" it says "256 MB of RAM." Well, there's the problem. I open up the back, and there's NO memory DIMMS, at all! SO I tell him some extra memory should cure the VERY slow performance. Well, I've tried memory from 2 different sources (HP doesn't directly sell memory for this fossil). Why does this machine seem to refuse to see any memory installed besides what's on the system board?

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HP/Compaq are very nit-picky about RAM . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Several different kinds o ...

the R3000 series uses:

- 200-pin SODIMM,
- DDR PC2700,
- CL 2.5,
- Unbuffered,
- Non-ECC,
- Non-Parity,
- DDR-333MHz,
- 2.5V,

anything else won't work

Max RAM = 2GB (2x 1GB modules)

the usual problems encountered with HP/Compaq RAM is timings, if the timings are different than what the system shipped with then the system won't even boot

all my HP systems using DDR2 1.8v RAM and require specifically timings and nothing else will work,
which makes it hard to find RAM
ie. no one makes DDR2 667MHz, PC5400 CL-4 anymore it's DDR2 667MHz, PC5300 with CL-5 timing which won't even detect in the system,
installing it just gives the "No RAM" beep code.

Crucial has 1GB Modules for around USD$50.00 ea

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thanks for the reply...BUT...

by neeboy74 In reply to HP/Compaq are very nit-pi ...

This machine only accepts one single stick of RAM...are we talking about the same machine?

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the other stick is under the keyboard . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to thanks for the reply...BU ...

HP / Compaq notebooks don't have a stacked or opposing pair in one location
(at least none that I've ever seen)

if you only see one slot in the back then
one stick goes in the back and the other is under the keyboard

- here's the list of R3000 systems:


here's the "How to Install RAM" page:

Took a while to find it
here's the page how to... (with video):

edit: (more info (again))

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What he said.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to the other stick is under ...

Yeah, HP / Compaq puts the slots in two different places. Since the one you see on the bottom is empty, you've definitely got one of the models with a slot under the keyboard.

Incidentally, you may want to compare Crucial's prices with Kingston Technology memory. I've used both in the past without a problem, but Kingston has a very nice utility to detect your configuration, tell you what you have, and exactly what to order to upgrade.

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