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sfc on USB drive?

By gopcs ·
I am helping a friend with a problem on his Toshiba notebook. Booting up takes quite a while, and eventually the computer freezes, ie keyboard and mouse are unresponsive. Booting to Safe Mode brings a BSOD with a comment to run CHKDSK /F.

I have placed the hard drive in a USB housing and connected to my computer. CHKDSK /F has been run on the USB drive twice - no problem reported.

I can reboot my PC and select the USB as the boot drive. The BSOD with "CHKDSK /F" comment is displayed in both Safe Mode and "standard" boot mode.

Is it possible to run SFC on the external USB drive? I tried from the C: drive to run "sfc e: /scannow" and got the SFC help response.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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System File Checker is for a SYSTEM - his, not yours ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sfc on USB drive?

I'm not sure that running SFC /SCANNOW while his HDD is connected to your system will be of much use.

Usually SFC runs a comparison check between the installed files and the backups held elsewhere, but in your case SFC may be looking at the wrong files to draw the comparison.

It might be more productive to put the HDD back in situ, boot from the Windows install CD, then run an in-place Repair-Install

Just a thought and I could easily be wrong!

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I will do that

by gopcs In reply to System File Checker is fo ...

Thanks for your reply. I will give that a try!

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no Repair option?

by gopcs In reply to System File Checker is fo ...

I booted the notebook from a WinXP CD. It finds the existing \WINDOWS folder, but does not offer to Repair, only Delete and install new WinXP. Maybe this is because the existing is WinXP MediaCenterEdition instead of regular XP?

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Here you appear to be using Recovery Disc's not XP a install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no Repair option?

You need to use a M$ Branded Install Disc to do a in Place Install if you only have a Slipstreamed or Recovery Disc you can not perform a In Place Install.

Look here for the full directions from M$


If you have a System Makers Recovery Disc you need to use Method 1

If you have a M$ Branded Install Disc you Can use Method 2.


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