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    SFP modules

    by tisgood ·

    This is a repost as not sure if the first post went thru. I have 3 Luxul network switches which I want to connect thru the SFP ports. Question is do I have to use Luxul Transceiver modules ($200.) or are there other brand of transceivers modules that are compatible?

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      If this was me.

      by rproffitt ·

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      I’d ask the seller. I used to find some for 65 USD (USA) but again I’d be asking the seller or maker about compatibility with your Luxul switch.

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      Third-Party Transceivers for Luxul Network Switches

      by gbicfiber123 ·

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      Yes, you can use transceiver modules from other brands that are compatible with Luxul network switches. It’s not necessary to use Luxul-branded transceivers, and there are third-party options available that can work just as well.
      To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, you need to make sure that the transceiver modules you choose match the specifications of your Luxul switches. Specifically, you need to check the following details:
      SFP Port Type: Verify the type of SFP port on your Luxul switches. They could be SFP, SFP+, or other variants.
      Data Rate: Check the data rate supported by your Luxul switches and ensure that the transceivers you’re considering can handle the same data rate.
      Fiber Type: If you’re using fiber optic cables, ensure that the transceivers are designed for the same type of fiber (e.g., single-mode or multi-mode) as your network infrastructure.
      Wavelength: The wavelength of the transceiver should match the wavelength supported by the Luxul switches.
      Distance: Verify the maximum distance supported by both the switches and the transceiver modules to ensure they meet your networking requirements.
      Once you have these specifications, you can search for compatible third-party transceiver modules from various vendors. Gbic shop is one such vendor where you can find a wide range of SFP transceiver modules from different brands. Just make sure to provide them with the necessary details about your Luxul switches so they can recommend suitable transceivers.
      Always buy transceivers from reputable vendors who provide compatibility guarantees and warranties, as using incompatible or low-quality transceivers may lead to network issues and could even void the warranty on your Luxul switches.

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