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Shadow Copy Help

By AndeAnderson ·
I made a mistake the other week. During a scheduled maintenance procedure I noticed two users with a lot of MP3s in their ?E:\User Documents\username\My Documents? folders on the Server.

Without thinking I deleted the MP3s from the server.

A couple of days later I realized my error when I tried to empty the Recycle Bin. I could not empty or remove the files. I could not even restore them because the Shadow Copy had already re-synchronized with the users "My Documents" and put fresh copies back onto the server.

The second time around I took the MP3s off of the workstations. But, I now have these orphaned MP3s stuck in my SBS 2003 Recycle Bin.

Even as Administrator I have been unable to clear out or take ownership of the MP3s, I receive the error message that I do not have the permissions to do anything with them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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by Jaqui In reply to Shadow Copy Help

shadow copy off.
it's nothing but a resource waster anyway.
a feeping creaturism.

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No way

by ian In reply to turn

Shadow copy isnt just a resource waster. For large enterprise its a great way of getting users to do there own restores. Ok it has its limits (e.g. no guarantee of age of restore etc..) and a new one i found the other day: FRS 2.0 doesnt replicate shadow copy data.

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Shadow Copy Help

by rbitter In reply to Shadow Copy Help

maybe the issue is not ownership ?
As an admin, you should be able to take ownership.
Maybe the pathnames are too long.
MS Robocopy helped me in a few cases (deleting temp. internet files with long path/filenames caused me grief like not being able to delete and strange errors)

Robocopy version XP010 (2003 reskit) does not have the 256 char limitation !
Create folder : "C:\EMPTY "

then : Robocopy /mir /r:0 /w:0 C:\EMPTY C:\RECYCLER

This way you sync an empty folder with the recycler, effectively cleaning out the recycle bin.


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