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Shaping or Chocking?

By catsforus ·
I am trying to find out what protocol users what port. Say for instance you are doing an http session what port would this be using. Doing a VOIP what port would it use and P2P what port this would uses. The reason for this is it would seem that latterly doing P2P on an ADSL 512 has dropped down from around 52kbs to 3kbs. Now I know this is shaped but by shaping you are just giving preference to another port for that period. So you packet might be delayed a few seconds. What however seem to be happening is that the P2P port is actually being chocked? So what I am thinking is that the available bandwidth that might have been allocated for this has been dropped down to nearly nothing and shaping has not really got anything to do with it.

Not too sure if my theory is correct? Is there anyway to prove this?

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by Choppit In reply to Shaping or Chocking?

Don't forget that the transfer rate is affected by both hosts. e.g. if you have a 512K pipe but the remote peer is on a 56K dial up you're limited by the slower of the two connections. It's also possible that your ISP is deliberately restricting P2P traffic.

Here's a list of ports

Here's a tool for analysing the connections

Hope this helps

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by catsforus In reply to P2P

Thanks yes this does help. We think that the ISP has started restricting P2P but we now need to check it out and then see what we can do about it.

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