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Share Access Denied Via UNC, but Fine With IP

By robmilleracs ·
My company uses NT Logon scripts to map drives to folder shares on file servers. This is done via bat file, mapping with UNC path. Over the past 6 months, 3 people in my company have started getting "Access Denied" on their folder shares. The drive maps OK, but won't allow the user to open it. However if I remap manually with IP address instead of UNC, proper permissions are applied, and they can access.

This appears to be a client side problem as these 3 people don't use the same shares, and other people that do use the same shares, aren't having trouble.

Has anyone seen this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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by BFilmFan In reply to Share Access Denied Via U ...

If the clients map correctly with IP, you have a WINS issue.

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Maps fine

by robmilleracs In reply to UNC

It maps fine either way. However NTFS Folder securities deny access when maped via UNC. A copy of the users Domain Profile won't replicate this issue either.

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what flavour of NT

by heml0ck In reply to Share Access Denied Via U ...

if NT 4, see ms kb article 159998

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Latest and greatest... well latest

by robmilleracs In reply to what flavour of NT

All clients are running Windows XP Pro SP2 and all servers are Windows 2003 SP 1.

It doesn't look like that article applies. Thanks though!

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Ping will tell you

by koshti In reply to Latest and greatest... we ...

Go to Command prompt and ping the unc path as
Ping server
If it does not resolve ip address check DNS. are these 3 PCs on DHCP and have proper DNS server. are you using Wins ?

from your post looks like name resolution issue, are they on different subnet?

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No Answer to this Problem

by robmilleracs In reply to Ping will tell you

I verified their host file hadn't been altered and tried a ping from their computer. Successfully resolved correct IP, but then found they were accessing fine with UNC. Apparently a problem that is not being seen today. I do have more tools to use should I see it again though. Thanks for the replies.

The users and their file servers are in the same subnet and WINS is being used.

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unc name resolution problem

by jenkinskg In reply to Ping will tell you

I saw this problem on a network that had domain controllers using ras vpn connections to talk to each other. In dns 2 records are created for each server one for the regular lan address and the other was the vpn interface. This caused problems since you cannot connect to the interface and find the share. The best resolution was to use linksys vpn boxes to create the vpn then make sure dns is running on each lan and has correct mapping for each server.

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