Share laptop wireless connection with VoIP router

By jameschrls ·
I would like to share my laptop's wireless internet connection with my Linksys spa 2102 voip router while overseas at a wifi hotspot, so I can make calls back to the states. I've enabled ICS, and tried using a crossover cable but have been unable to get it to work yet. Anyone know how to do this?

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Simultaneous wired wireless is very difficult ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Share laptop wireless con ...

Mainly because it tends to confuse the computer as to which one to allocate time to.

You would need to set up a wireless bridge, which in itself can be a hit&miss nightmare.

Why not just forget about the VoIP Router altogether and install Skype on your laptop. That way the computer only has the wireless comms to contend with and the VoIP is installed as a comms program within the laptop.

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by jameschrls In reply to Simultaneous wired wirele ...

What shows up on their caller ID when using Skype?

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What shows up: ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks

Whatever name you've given yourself for your Skype account.

It operates in much the same manner as creating an ID anywhere else online - if someone else has got there first, you'll either have to create an alternate name or suffer the ignominy of having a numerical suffix appended on the end of your ID.

But you'd have told your friends your ID before you leave, wouldn't you.

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I'm in sales

by jameschrls In reply to What shows up: ...

I'm mostly calling people I don't know who have submitted an inquiry for health or life insurance. With my voip service, I can change the numbers my caller ID sends to match the main one in the state where they live. It increases the odds of them answering the phone. Thanks

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