Share MS-Word spelling dictionary with other LAN computers?

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How (if possible) may one share one's MS-Word spelling dictionary with multiple, LAN-connected computers so that words added to the dictionary from any of the computers will automatically be available on any of the other computers.

Example: On computer 1, the user adds the word "grimblefritz" to the dictionary. A couple of minutes later, the user of computer 2 types the word "grimblefritz" into a new document, and the automatic spell checker considers the word to have been spelled properly because it finds it in the dictionary from when the user of computer 1 added it.

Thank you.

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Try this...

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My wife are I are a mixed Spanish/English couple and we share our custom dictionary on a mapped SAMBA drive (z:).

I changed the registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\Custom Dictionaries\1

If you don't like the registry, do this:
1) Map a drive and copy your reference custom.dic file to it.
2) On both PC's (In Word for example), go to Tools, Options, Spelling and Grammar, and click on the Custom Dictionaries Button. Uncheck the current custom dictionary (ignore the alert) and click the add button to navigate to the drive/folder/file where your shared dictionary now lives! - CM

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