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    Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!


    by canyptian ·

    Hello everyone. I am in a bit of a sticky situation and could use some help. My fiance has a laptop that has been going downhill for the last few months. So we… I mean I, took it in to a reliable store to be cleaned up and fixed. While there, the guy said the hard drive was defective so I bought a new one. Finally, after about 2 weeks I was able to pick up the laptop and thought everything was hunkydory, but when I got it home my fiance noticed that Office XP was no longer on the computer. So, $300 later and she is not happy at all. She called the store to say that we never would have given it to them if we knew they were going to erase important stuff, but they just say they saved the persoanl files, and not any software. So now I am mad. XP Office came on the laptop when we bought it, and now it is gone. I think my fiance annoyed the store so much that the IT guys said, “Look, if you can find your product key for Office XP, I can put it on your laptop for free.” So that is our (my) dillema. IS ANYONE WILLING TO SHARE AN OFFICE XP PRODCUT KEY WITH A NOW DESPARATE GUY?????? It should be ok to use one copy of office on mutiple computers… right?? Thanks for listening. Please help.

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      by canyptian ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!


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      by boxfiddler ·

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      Had you searched this site for product key sharing you would know that ain’t gonna happen.

      When are the assumers that we are dumbshits going to go the fuck away?


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        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to yadayadayada

        Why not say what you are really thinking?

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          use openoffice, it’s free

          by cg it ·

          In reply to Boxy

          so you don’t need a product key.

          what I don’t get is there’s free office application hell Microsoft Office online …

          so who needs to buy software

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          open office..

          by dhanushkapg ·

          In reply to use openoffice, it’s free

          Yes use Open Office…It have high performance as well as totally free,,Can customize

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      Send me your routing numbers as a sign of good faith

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!

      and I will set you up with an office xp key.

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      Why not just use the old hard drive ? …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!

      You DO still have it don’t you?

      What imbecile would personally pay out $300 without getting everything back, including the hard drive that had been removed??!!

      NUMPTY ! 😀

      [i]By the way – where did the operating system come from on this ‘new’ hard drive???[/i]

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      Share no, I could sell you mine though

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!

      Retail plus a 10% markup for my trouble.

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      Sounds about right BUT…

      by bincarnato ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!

      $300 to do a reload of the OS, drivers, and assuming the updates? Seems a bit high to me. Do you not have the original restore CDs? Also, the “reliable” store should have told you that they cannot transfer programs so they will need any media and/or product keys. Also, it sounds like they could still access the hard drive so a real posibility is that the original HD could be ghosted to the new HD and no loss of data/software.

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        by brian ·

        In reply to Sounds about right BUT…

        This sounds a bit high, however if the hard drive is able to be accessed, you could use ghost 2003 to immage the old hdd to the new one. Remember, you will need to set it up to clone all and continue even though the program encounters bad clusters/blocks.

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      If Office XP was on the computer from the manufacturer

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!

      Then you need to get the restore discs from the manufacturer. They will often charge a small fee for shipping.

      I’m not going to break my companies rules and risk being fired to give you a product key. I wouldn’t do that for my family, not that they would ask. It is generally not legal to install the same software on multiple computers, though you have to read the license agreements. You are in effect asking us to steal, and sorry I won’t go there.

      You do know there is a home version of office that costs about $200 right?


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      YAY — Yipee — see here

      by the scummy one ·

      In reply to Share Office XP Product Key……. PLEASE!


      there ya go, and after installing, just contact Microsoft and tell them it is for a 15th system, and they can mark it off to not be flagged (because you know how many systems were using it).

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