Share printers connected to a computer on a domain

By jamilsioufi ·
All my workstations are connected to a domain and I've installed an HP printer to one of the workstations and now I would like to share it between all computers.
Under the workstation, I right clicked the printer, sharing, share this printer and checked the list in the directory.

However, on the other computers when I go to network printer and I search for it I can NOT find it.

Any suggestions?
Thank you

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Did you try....

by tonylewis In reply to Share printers connected ...

Did you try entering the printer manually using the \\ format (i.e. \\dell8100\hp4100) instead of browsing?

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Can you clarify more please

by jamilsioufi In reply to Did you try....

No I did not... what is the syntax for entering it manuall if I named the printer NADPRN? \\??#1\\??#2
I think ??#2 will be NADPRN but what is ??#1

Many thanks

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The syntax is....

by tonylewis In reply to Can you clarify more plea ...

\\ComputerName\NADPRN where "ComputerName" is the name given to the computer which you can find by right-clicking My Computer and selecting the Computer Name tab.

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by jamilsioufi In reply to The syntax is....

I kind of figured it out but wanted to be sure. I've tried it with no luck.

Thanks for all your help anyway.
I'll keep looking

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by pkndolo In reply to Did you try....

try accesing the computer with the printer from the network, then right click on the printer icon and click connect.

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15 minutes

by kgr1gr In reply to Share printers connected ...

if you have publish the printer in to the AD Active Directory some times you must wait for 15 to 30 minutes until the AD replication finish .

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by jamilsioufi In reply to 15 minutes

I did wait more than few hours...
The printer is connected to a workstation that is on the domain and from that workstation I shared the printer and check add to list but when I go to another workstation and i search for it I can not see it

I always log in as administration also.

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Try this

by george.richardson In reply to i DID

You will find the printer if you name the workstation in the path.

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more detail

by kgr1gr In reply to Share printers connected ...

if the workstation is an win xp sp2 check the fire wall on exceptions if the check on "common use files and printers" is enable .

also and on network connections .

and when you choose printer from the AD select the specific domain from the locations and not from "all directory"
what OS server you have ? and what OS on workstations ?

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by jamilsioufi In reply to more detail

Workstation running win xp pro sp2 and I've check off the firewall however I will check "exception" part.

The server is windows 2000 server.
I tried the "all directory" with no luck.

I will check first thing tomorrow morning and let you know

THANK YOU for all your help.

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