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By paradimes ·
Greets All-

I'm having trouble with Homegroup (win 7 home premium) I need to ask for help with...

There are 3 users total, all 3 use the same win 7 software..all are valid.

All 3 have the same workgroup and homegroup.

I'm trying to allow a folder to be used by one, but not the other using 'share with..specific people'....

The trouble that there are 'no specific people listed; only myself, 'Everyone', 'Homegroup' '--vmware user--' and 'ASP.NET Machine Account'; all I want to do is share with one user, but not the other.

Can someone suggest something other than going back to XP that may help?

Admin rights is not the issue. We can share using homegroup, but all users have access where we need to deny one user... I would think this software would support as a norm.

Anything would be appreciated!


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Try adding the User's name where is says 'ADD' {no text}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Share With...on Win 7
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Already tried

by paradimes In reply to Try adding the User's nam ...

It returned a combo box stating:
"Windows was unable to find "person1"...

I've tried using the PC names of the two users, the network name, all of which have the same result.

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Do they have passwords for their systems?

by IC-IT In reply to Already tried

If so create their user names and passwords on the system that shares. Then deliniate the shared values.

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That worked!

by paradimes In reply to Do they have passwords fo ...

By creating user accounts for each, I am able to share, and implicitly deny anyone else. This is exactly what I was looking for-

Thank you!

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