Share Workgroup printer when on a Domain

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I have a remote user that VPN's into the local domain. She connects through a router that has a local work group on that end.

One other computer on that workgroup has a printer she would like to use while still connect to our domain. When I try to add it as a printer I get...

A policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from connecting to this print queue. Please contact your sys admin.

I am new to SBS 2003 and not sure where to find this policy to give rights. Yelp!

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How about it then?

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No help on this one?

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Common help mellow - just a bump post

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Common help mellow - just a bump post

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Tough one? - bump post

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Still a wondering on this one. - bump post

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hopefull bump post

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Allright I'll bite

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I saw this when you first posted it but really, I got nothing! But since you're so persistent, I'll take a stab at it. What throws me here is that your description of the error message is not what I would have expected. This message clearly is coming from a Group Policy that is in effect.

To try to figure out what policy, find resultant set of policy and analyze that (Start / Run / enter "rsop.msc") and try to figure out what policy it is that's blocking this action.

I take it of course that you have your reasons for not joining this other remote workstation to your SBS AD. I also assume that this printer is connected locally to the other workstation and is not an IP printer, nor do you want to purchase say an HP jetdirect box to make it an IP printer. That being the case, there is another thing you may be able to do to work around this issue.

You could add the printer manually, as a LOCAL printer as opposed to network printer, creating a local port for the share name. You would need to create credentials on the workstation that serves the printer, either
a) a set of credentials that matches the user/pass of your remote SBS user, or
b) a generic set of credentials used for this print function.

If a) just go into the add printer weez-ard and add a local printer (uncheck auto detect plug and play), create a new local port \\workstaton\printshare, and install the appropriate print drivers.
If b) credentials above, you first need to authenticate with the print server workstation by issuing from the command prompt of the remote SBS workstation:
net use \\workstation\print$ /user:printuser printpassword
and then you can launch the add printer weez-ard and follow the above steps. You'll have to add a batch job and stick it in the STARTUP group with the above net use command.

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Clear as mud?

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