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Share your NT to Win2K migration stories

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Have you migrated your enterprise network from the Windows NT 4.0 platform to Windows 2000? Did you experience trouble? Share your stories with us. If you've found compatibility issues, our editors will try to address them in future articles.

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It's easiest with a new box.

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Share your NT to Win2K mi ...

We had a new server delivered with Windows 2000 pre-installed. I set it up with AD and ran some test migrations of users and groups set up for that purpose.

I had too many problems so I took the easy(?) way out:
1) Installed NT4 Server BDC onspare machine and took it offline as a backup.
2) Wiped the Win2K install on the new server and installed NT4 server as a BDC.
3) Promoted the new server to a PDC.
4) Upgraded the new server to Windows 2000.

There were a few issues with RAID controller drivers and NIC drivers that caused some minor problems during the upgrade. Other than those, though, everything went smoothly. Nobody lost access to any resources.

We're still running in a mixed environment with four servers:1) Win2K AD controller/PDC emulator
2) NT4 BDC w/Exchange 5.5, FAX server, Modem sharing app, and RAS.
3) NT4 BDC w/Proxy 2.0
4) NT4 Member w/SQL 7 and IIS4

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Roaming Profiles Compatibility Problem

by TheGouins In reply to Share your NT to Win2K mi ...

Have very small Domain consisting of NT4 PDC, BDC, and Workstations. Implemented a single User Profile to be a Mandatory Roaming Profile.

Upgraded NT4 Workstation to Windows 2000 Professional. When user logs in, the Roaming Profile downloads correctly from the PDC but when the user logs out gets the following message:

"Windows Cannot update your roaming profile. Contact your network Administrator.

Detail - Access is denied."

Referenced article Q255113

There does not seem to bea fix for this problem without compromising security on the Roaming Profile files on the PDC. Another option is to upgrade the PDC to Windows 2000 Server but we are not prepared to do that yet.

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