Shared drives no longer accessible

By neville310 ·
Windows XP does not allow me to access several shared drives over my network. Windows XP Pro returns the following error.

Computer Name
\\ComputerName\(D) Data is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

The main issue is setting up share drive accessible ONLY by my username and group. I don?t want my roommate or neighbors accessing my computer. Both computers have the same username and group for assigning permissions.

Both computers see each other over the network; and the respective share drives. They are pingable by IP address, name, and localhost. When you access the share drive, you receive the above error. The weird part is that the desktop cannot access its own shared drives under Network Neighborhood; in contrast the laptop can access its shared drives under the Network Neighborhood. The device manager has no conflicts and the network adapter seem in perfect working order; both computers access the internet with no issues.

I don?t have much time to figure out the solution myself; I am flying out for the holidays in the next day and need to sync my laptop with my desktop. I have setup these shares in the past, yet a new hard drive and Window updates caused my configuration to change. Please give me some ideas about my situation. The problem may lie with the desktop and advance permissions. Here is my initial troubleshooting effort.

Both Computers see each other and the shared drives
Shared drives on desktop not accessible
Shared drives on laptop accessible by not computers
All PC on the same workgroup
Both computers have Window XP Pro SP2
TCP/IP Networking

No Windows Firewall
No Internet Connecton Firewall
No ZoneAlarm Software/Third Firewall
All computers pingable with IP address and name
Simple File Sharing | OFF
Guest | Account Active | Yes
Enable LMHOSTS over TCP/IP | Checked
Netbios | Default | Checked
NOD32 Anti-Virus Software (only on the desktop)
Linksys Router WRTGS54

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