Shared folder access from another domain by a program

By stephen.doyle ·
Hi Guys,

Is there any way to grant specific access to a user and pc from another domain, to folder on a different domain. I have given the Everyone group full rights and this works fine for windows but when the program trys to connect it can't. The program is using the full path and not a mapped drive.

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If tyhe user can currently

by IC-IT In reply to Shared folder access from ...

connect to it with windows explorer, try using the IP address with the path in the program.
Instead of \\remote computername\folder\subfolder
Try \\111.24.xx.xx\folder\subfolder

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that might work

by ---TK--- In reply to If tyhe user can currentl ...

However, you might want to check what ports it uses... you might need to allow them through the firewalls... also if you have a WAN set up with routers, you might need to check to see if it will pass through the routers too...

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be careful of

by Gate keeper In reply to Shared folder access from ...

NTFS permission versus share permissions.

even if you grant user full access on the NTFS permission a single deny in the share permission can block them.

sadly this cannot be seen in the 'effective permissions' !

so try to make sure they both agree

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