Shared folder on external USB HD becomes unshared after reboot?

By pepijn.niemeijer ·
Hello All,

Sorry in advance if this has been asked/dealt with before but i cant find the answer.

On my little home network i have a desktop (XP home SP3) to which i connect a USB HD (always comes up as H:\). the external HD has 1 folder under the root which i share to the network. Now this all works a treat untill i reboot my desktop. the share permission of the folder have then dissapeared and i have to share the folder again. Does anybody have an idea why this happens and how to solve this??

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Sorry, you've lost me somewhere ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Shared folder on external ...

You mentioned a network. What other computers are involved here, apart from your desktop?

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by pepijn.niemeijer In reply to Sorry, you've lost me som ...

There are 3 laptops (XPPro SP3, XPhome SP2, VistaHome SP1) and the mentioned desktop (XPHome SP2) which connect to my home network via a wireless router. The External HD and the printer are connected to the desktop, the laptops use the shared printer and the folder on the USB HD. This works fine untill the reboot or cold boot of the desktop. After this the folder on the USB HD has become unshared. So i have to set the share permissions of this folder again each morning, which is a bit annoying because sharing around 80GB (mp3's) takes quite a while on the slow desktop.

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Well, for one thing - I hope you currently have ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Network

Sixteen or seventeen data DVDs with all these MP3s backed up onto them.

Using an external USB hard drive, sharing it between 4 workstations, all of which are making system calls to it - this drive WILL eventually fail, make no mistake about that. Being an external drive it is nowhere near as stable as an internal one would be, it is less capable of dissipating any heat generated, and is substantially more prone to physical vibration and knocks.

If this shared folder is not backed up to permanent media when it fails, all four units on your network will lose access to this data.

I'm not quite sure yet why the share is not permanent but it must have something to do with how you have enabled it.

As a workaround you could always just leave the slow desktop machine constantly powered up.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Shared folder on external ...

You can't create a permanent Share on a removable drive. As the others have warned you it is not wise to have a permanent connection to a removable drive. They just don't last like a fixed drive. But it is your call and here is a way around your problem.
Open explorer and create a new folder for sharing. Something like USB. Insert the USB Drive. Open Computer Management, Disk Management and right click on the removable disk. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Here you can select a Drive Letter of choice by clicking Change, Select Add. Navigate to the Shared folder and Select it and press OK. From now on when you insert the Memory stick you will have a copy of the contents in the new share. The drive letter will not change. Map the new share from the other PC's and you should be in business.
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didn't work, unshared in a matter of seconds, any idea?

by THOSECARS82 In reply to Shared folder on external ...

Jacky, I just tried your solution. I created the shared folder. Then I mapped the external cdrom drive to this folder. So far, so good because it worked locally in that computer.

But then when I tried to access this folder from another computer in the same local network, then I realized the shared folder mapped to the external drive keeps getting unshared.
I have win xp pro. The thing is that this folder gets unshared in a matter of seconds when I have my wireless antena enabled. Otherwise if I shared the folder trhough ethernet (cable) with my wireless antena disabled then I do not have this problem and I can share the folder at least until next time I reboot the computer.

I must say the problem has to do nothing with being sharing an external drive because every folder I share either even if it is in the laptop's internal hard disk just keeps shared for a few seconds (like 20 secs or so) and afterwards, it gets unshared. Again, this only happens with my wireless antena enabled. If it is disabled then I can shared the folder through ethernet cable without problems.
Does any of you know how to solve this?

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