Shared Folders and VPN

By tycar2k1 ·

I have recently setup a VPN server using Windows Server 2000. Our network consists of a Domain Controller (Server 2003) about 30 Win 2000 machines and a Smoothwall firewall. I have set the VPN server up to give all VPN clients an IP address from the domain controller.

I can connect to the network remotely fine using VPN and have been able to remote desktop into all servers.

The problem is that when I cannot see any shared folders when browsing 'My Network Places' and this is causing programs not to run. Has anyone got any tips or pointers as to what I have setup wrongly ?

Many thanks...

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what I would try first

by Dumphrey In reply to Shared Folders and VPN

is browsing to a machine with a shared folder by either ip or unc path from the run box, not from network neighboorhood. If it does not work, you may need to alter your vpn set up or firewall. Are you authenticating all vpn users against AD I assume? So they would have access to domain resources?

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by tycar2k1 In reply to what I would try first

Yes, my users are being authenticated through Active Directory. The shared folders are on the Domain controller. I have used the \\computer\sharedfolder method which does work. But it seems that shared folders only work in when locally connected to the network. When I try to add a network share using VPN and browse through the computers on my network I only get the actual computer and can go no further.

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one thought is to force Kerberos to use TCP

by robo_dev In reply to Re

by default, AD uses Kerberos, which uses UDP port 88 for authentication. UDP packets get fragmented over a VPN connection, and authentication fails for certain connection types. This is a simple registry hack in the client PC.

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