Shared folders problem - Abnormalities in Permissions.

By mr.sweetchuck ·
I am experiancing a problem with shared drives on a server. A number of users are experiancing 'Read-Only' permissions when they should have full control. Permissions are listed at the partition route on the server. All shared drives inherite these permissions. No other permissions are specified.

They are three strange things here. First, users have retained their full permissions on the other shared folders, which are on the same server partition, (Windows SBS 2003, fyi.)

Secondly, Administrator is one of the accounts being affected by this. If you log in as administrator and browse to the Shared folder, (e.g. S:\) you only have read access, but if you log into the server and browse to the partition, (E:\), that stored the folder, you can navigate to within the shared folder and retain full access.

Finally, only some users are being affected. All permissions are specifed at a security group level, rather than individually. Users in the same security group are not being affected.

I would be really grateful if anyone has any ideas how to resolve this.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

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Check the share permission again.

by bart777 In reply to Shared folders problem - ...

In most cases you want to set the share permission to Everyone-Full control ans use NTFS to control the actaul security.

In this particular case I would say the the share permissions are set to everyone read only. Clearly the NTFS permisions work for you. Win2k3 sets all shares to everyone read only by default these days.
Take a quick peak at the Share permissions and verify that everyone or domain users at least have full control.

Best of luck.

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Not permissions, unfortunately

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Check the share permissio ...

Hi thanks for the suggestions. I double checked it and...
Everyone = Full permissions
Additionally, they are no contradictions in the permissions.

Any other ideas?

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by bart777 In reply to Not permissions, unfortun ...

Since it all looks correct I would create a second share and see if the permissions so the same odd things.

If that fails I would remove the share completley and recreate it from scratch.

Wierd issue you have there.

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Worth a shot, but...

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Punt

Thanks for the suggestion. I have other shared folders, that aren't giving any problems. I was thinking about removing the shared permissions from the folder, as you suggested and adding them again.

Other than that, all I can think of is creating a new folder and copying in the files, (around 50 GBs worth!)

In case this doesn't work, can I ask if you or anyone else have any other suggestions? Has anyone had this problem before? If so, how did you resolve it?


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I've seen similar but...

by bart777 In reply to Worth a shot, but...

I didn't have a lot of time when it happened. I just removed the share and recreated it. I was never able to determine the root cause. As long as you recreate the share with the same name the mappings will reconnect without trouble.

Moving the files is an option but that could take some time and you need to make sure that any additional NTFS security goes along with it when you move them.

Let me know how it comes out.

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Resolution = Punt

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Punt

Hi Bart777, (and everyone else)
Thanks for all the suggestions. As Bart suggested above, dropping the 'Share' attribute on the folder and recreated it. That resolved it.

Just a quick thanks to everyone who offered a suggestion.


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Open the NTFS security tab

by Dumphrey In reply to Not permissions, unfortun ...

for the effected share. Click advanced and double check inheritence is allowed and not blocked. Check effective permissions to several files from the Effective permissions tab. Before recreating the share, try removing permissions and then adding them back, one group at a time.
With everyone on share having full, it has to be NTFS permissions or corruption in the share file security descriptor (in which case rebuilding it should work).

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what are the NTFS permissions?

by CG IT In reply to Shared folders problem - ...

share and NTFS are cumulative with most restrictive applying. If you configured share permissions with full access but NTFS has read only, read applies and so on.

Then on top of that if parent/child permissions. folders within folders inherit permissions from the parent folder and all filed within also have those permissions.

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I just had the same exact problem...

by wancona In reply to Shared folders problem - ...

I am also running SBS 2003. I just had the same exact thing happen when I came in today. my users are able to read and execute but are not able to save back to their shared folder or whatever else. It says access is denied. I checked the permissions and they have full control.

Read the question about the folder access. I asked that question right before I responded to this one. It's pretty much the same thing.

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Is it just me or

by Dumphrey In reply to Shared folders problem - ...

have their beena lot of unusual share permission problems lately? I was just about to post one of my own.

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