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By carlos.nino ·

I have a PC connected to a DSL and would like to sporadically share this
connection with a client's laptop.
The problem is that the PC is on a second floor and the modem/router is in a
server/telephone room on the basement.
Is there away to share the DSL connection directly from the PC on the second
floor so that a client can connect his/her laptop without complications?

Thanks in advance!!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Shared Internet connectio ...

If you have a router not just the dsl modem, you could use a switch/hub on the 2nd floor connection. If you do not have a router, buy one at your local electronics store and hook it up to the 2nd floor connection. (most newer routers come with 4 or 5 available ports.)

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by rmastiyev In reply to Shared Internet connectio ...

Alternatively, you can pull a cable from yourself to the client, connect the UTP to laptop's ethernet card and share the internet connection from YOUR COMPUTER, and even control it.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Shared Internet connectio ...

I'm sorry I forgot to comment that the client's laptop would need to connect wirelessly.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Shared Internet connectio ...

Since you have a router, isnt there available ports? Most routers have built in hubs (a few ports). You should not need to shaer out the connection on your computer.
If it is a wireless router, they should be able to connect wirelessly and avoid wiring, etc.. if not, you may need a wireless repeater (wireless access point).
If they cannot access through the wireless, the security for it may be too restrictive, and may need to be altered on the router.
Is it a DHCP router, or set to static IP? Is the router setup to allow other connections, or just the specified ones?
If you cannot alter the security yourself (in a business environment) you should have your IT support look into the request.

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