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Shared IRQ on 2 NICS in Win2K

By pinitus_tex ·
Good Day.

Is there a way to modify the resources of a NIC card to use another IRQ other than IRQ=9. I am running a Windows box (Win2K Professional with SP3.) My NICs are a 3com 3C905C-TX and a D-Link 538TX. For my internet sharing solution I an currently testing WinProxy on my machine to share internet access to the other computers. I have placed 2 NIC cards, 1 for the local network that is connected to a hub and the other goes to the ethernet port of the Modem. At times when I conduct a ping test to yahoo with a -t parameter I get a request timeout, there are times that I could get a reply back and there are also times when I can't. On my curiousity I tried to disable my other network card via network properties and thereby severing myconnection to the local network - but much to my amazement I was able to get a reply back. This incident repeated itself in many occasions. But severing my local connection to our network is not a good thing to do always since our proxy software (WinProxy) detects the disabled NIC and displays a warning message, then I would have to exit the application and try running it again.

I checked the device management setting and both of the network adapters installed on my unit are working fine. I have the latest Windows drivers for both of my network card from my last update at microsoft. Could there be a conflict on IRQ setting on both NICs since Windows 2000 made them share the resource? Is there any way that I could force a NIC to use another IRQ? From my evaluation back here, I have seen that there are actually 8 devices using the same IRQ (9). (ACPI, Video card, network adapters, usb controllers, SMBus controller, and the sound card.

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