Shared notebook, Single profile for all users? With Local Admin rights?

By 1bn0 ·
We have a notebook computer that is used to program PLC's (Programable Logic Controllers)on our production lines.

The machine can be used by different Engineering , Maintenance and Contractor users and on different shifts. The users need access to all of the software on the machine and to be able to install applications and save changes and data to the machine.

Is it possible to configure the machine so all users share a local profile but the profile does get updated when the user logs out? The issue I have is half the applications install under the current users profile instead of All Users. The next user logs on and cannot find the application.

I want to use their network logons so they can back up stored data to the network. (The machine is not connected to the network when they are working on the lines).

I figure I can create an AD Security Group for the authorised users and make that group a member of the local administrators group so they can install software.

NOt sure I have been clear but I am hoping someone has already had to address this situation and has some suggestions

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Create the base profile in all users

by LarryD4 In reply to Shared notebook, Single p ...

Take the laptop and create the perfect profile. Then copy that profile on to the "Default Profile". That way everytime a new user logs in their profile is created based on the default.

If for some reason someone messes up their profile.You can backup their desktop, documents, favorites, delete the profile and then have them log in to be recreated from the original default.

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Not what I 'm looking for.

by 1bn0 In reply to Create the base profile i ...

I know how to create a default profile. Do it all the time for standard workstaions.

What I want is for each user that logs on to the computer to use the same profile as every other user, not a copy of the same profile.

Maint1 installs and application. The app installs under maint1 start menu instead od All Users. Eng1 logs on and can't find the app because it is not on Eng1's start menu and is not under All Users.

I'm looking for a method that will force everyone to use tha same profile locally or alternatively a method that will frce apps to install under ALl USers without me having to install for them and manually modify the start menu.

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Ahh ok

by LarryD4 In reply to Not what I 'm looking for ...

Well I think what you need to do is create a mandatory roaming profile for all of those users.

And they will all simply use the same profile.

check out the video
here is the technet article

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