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Shared Printer issue!

By bsquillacote ·
I have a HP LaserJet 4L printer that is attached to workstation that has been upgraded from Pent.166 Mhz to Pent.3/866 Mhz machine. The printer is a shared printer so that several people in this office can access the printer. This printer had never given me problem until I upgraded the workstation. What is happening now is that the printer works fine in the morning, and around 1:00 Pm no one can connect to it or print to it until the following morning. Since we have several other attached and shared printers, I have tried to see what's different now that could be contributing to this problem. The only thing that I have seen different is that when the printer was attached to the older Pentium 166 Mhz PC, I was running NT Workstation SP4. Now with the upgrade to a faster machine I have loaded SP6a. Can anyone give me some input as to what may be happening and how I might zero in on what the problem is?

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by Cail In reply to Shared Printer issue!

Try to delete the driver and install the printer again, also create a new share to it and try to connect to it. The bes thing is to try ti ping that w/s from any other pc and see if they are still talking.
The best thing for you to do is to place that printer on a HP Jet Direct Box and you will not have to depend on any W/S to access it.

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Shared Printer Issue!

by bsquillacote In reply to

Thank you. I finally ended up doing exactly that. Setting up the printer on a JetDirect box on the network. I had done all of what you had suggested, before installing printer on JetDirect Print Server which solved the problem but the the issue ofwhat was happening never was solved.


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Processor Upgrade ?

by paul In reply to Shared Printer issue!

Am I missing something...... ?
How did you upgrade the machine.
Did you upgrade the processor, or did you reinstall onto a different machine, or did you clone to a new box.

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Processor Upgrade!

by bsquillacote In reply to Processor Upgrade ?

I have since solved the problem, but not the issue as to what was causing this condition to occur. I put the printer on Jet Direct Print Server on network.

However, the PC was new PC that had Windows NT4.0 Wkstn, plus other software loaded on itfrom scratch. The printer was just attached to PC and shared out, which has been done many times before.

Like I said the immediate problem was solved.

Thanks for trying to help.


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Printer Issue

by Cail In reply to Shared Printer issue!

Ypu should remove the printer and reinstall the printer using an old driver, may be sp6 replace the driver and it is causing problems. Hp has download support for hp printer drives. What it may be happening is that some one is running a report at tha time and that report do not support the lateless drivers for that printer.. Just trouble shoot it finding out who compalins about that time and ask them what they were printing..

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