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    Shared Roaming Profiles


    by mgrell ·

    I have started to use roaming profile for some user on the network. But is is possible to have a group of users use the exact profile, that is stored on the server. I would lock the profile down so they only have read access to it and their my document would be redirect to there home drive. This way if I need to change the profile at all then I only have to change one profile and not 10 individual profiles.

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      by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

      In reply to Shared Roaming Profiles

      You used to could do this with Samba under NT4. I expect their latest version still does it.

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      Shared Roaming Profiles

      by roland d’souza ·

      In reply to Shared Roaming Profiles

      A mandatory profile is a profile that cannot be changed by the user. Mandatory profiles are used to provide a constant environment where a user cannot accidentally modify or destroy parts of their environment. Mandatory profiles are the same as roaming profiles with the exception that the user hive file must be renamed from NTUSER.DAT to NTUSER.MAN. Normally each user has their own profile. Because mandatory profiles do not change, they can be shared by a group of users.

      Many user accounts or groups can be configured to point to the same profile. Of course, if the profile is shared by a group of users and is not mandatory, as each user logs off, the user’s changes are written back to the shared profile.

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        This isn’t working for me

        by brian.minerly1 ·

        In reply to Shared Roaming Profiles

        I’ve set up the profile I want my users to have, and copied it to the root of a network share. I’ve changed the name of NTUSER.DAT to NTUSER.MAN and specified the share name as the path for TS Roaming Profiles in Group Policy (with ‘Do not append the user name to the profile path’ checked). This policy is applied to the users who should be using the shared profile. They have access to it through both sharing and file security. However, they still get the error ‘Your roamign profile is not available.’ (DETAIL – Access is denied.) when they try to log in.

        I have a feeling I’m missing something basic when creating the TS profile for the users to share.

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