SharePoint 2007 Inherit Permissions BUG??

By LibbyJ ·
I'm working with SharePoint 2007 and I think I've encountered a serious bug which I need assistance on!

Scenario: When attempting to inherit permissions from the parent site for an active directory group in my sharepoint 2007 I receive an error message and when refreshing the page/going back, the entire site was deleted! Unrecoverable STILL and Microsoft is just as stumped as we are here!!

Warning: be careful if trying to reproduce the steps below because we have been able to reproduce and it deletes everytime!

Open SharePoint and navigate to a site.
1. Click on site actions
2. Site Settings
3. Modify all site settings
4. Under Site Administration click on site libraries and lists
5. Select Customize Images
6. Select Permisions for this list
7. Select a group by placing a check mark beside it
8. Click actions and select Inherit Permissions
9. A warning window displays informing you that you will inherit permissions from parent and lose any unique permissions you have set.
10. clicking ok will error the page out. If you refresh or go "back" the entire site collection you were just on is GONE!

Has anyone see this? Can anyone offer suggestions on why clicking on "inherit permission" would completely delete a site?

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Are you sure the site is actually deleted

by caroline.conway In reply to SharePoint 2007 Inherit P ...

I have had this same problem but I noticed the url is missing the default.aspx at the end. I can complete the url the remainder of the site is visiable, however I can no longer change the permissions on this site.

In some instances I was able to recreate sites using the moving the content to a new location.

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SharePoint 2007 Inherit Permissions BUG??

by LibbyJ In reply to Are you sure the site is ...


After many hours with microsoft on the phone they did deem this a bug and what happend was our entire site was "orphaned". It was not deleted but we were unable to just attach it back to the site. We ended up having to restore the entire site from a backup.

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by alt_fo In reply to SharePoint 2007 Inherit P ...

If it is orphaned, where is its physical location? Can i restore it? I am struggling with this

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Deleted site

by alt_fo In reply to SharePoint 2007 Inherit P ...

Hi i have experienced the same problem, please let me know the solution. Any patch to fix this. In my case in production machine it happened i dont know what to do.

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