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    Sharepoint 3 Intranet/Extranet


    by razz2 ·

    I have a client in need of a Sharepoint Services 3.0 install. Really it is
    small enough for a Stand-Alone Server except the need for outside
    access. He does not want to deal with a VPN client on each users own
    laptop etc so I was going to do a stand alone server with 2 virtual
    sites. One for Intranet and 1 for Extranet. The Extranet would require
    https. The idea was to have have the server with 2 nics (DL380), 1
    NIC on a 192.168.218.z subnet on a trusted end of the firewall for
    internal users and the 2nd NIC at 192.168.216.z on an optional port
    of the firewall for external users. Of course the tcp/ip setup freaks
    with 2 gateways on different subnets but it worked in testing with
    v2.0 great. Now with 3.0 there is the idea of a server farm Front End
    Server. Main problem is the database will be 2005 SQL Express
    whether it is installed by Sharepoint Services 3.0 or by me. It will be
    express as they do not own a full SQL install.

    So, the question is am I better off with the original tested version or
    should I do a manual SQL Express install on the internal server and
    just a server farm front-end server install (pointing to the Express
    data) on a separate box on the optional port.

    I can’t find if a farm can use express. It always mentions the full
    product. Also If I do the farm idea then can I also install a Front-End
    server on the database machine itself for internal users or do I need a
    third machine?

    What ports (aside from the standard for logon and GP etc which I am
    aware of) would be needed from the optional to the trusted for the
    optional front end to communicate with the SQL data and webroot.

    Also, does a farm point to the same webroot or does each front-end
    have it’s own?

    As you can tell I have little experience with WSS in an extranet/
    Intranet environment and any guidence is welcome.


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      by razz2 ·

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      Shouldnt be a problem

      by steffi28 ·

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      It depends on what the user will be wanting to use the SQL server for but on the whole it shouldnt be a problem, there may be some issues for example you will encounter problems when trying to enable Full-Text search as SQL Express doesn’t support full-text indexing. I’m not entirely sure what other if any things on WSS you will find problems with but a good place to check is

      this will show you the features each version of SQL has and you will be better making your decision based on that.

      Another good blog post i’ve read is

      This one is specific about using SQL express with SharePoint.

      Well, I hope that this helps you out!

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        WSS 3 Front End

        by razz2 ·

        In reply to Shouldnt be a problem

        Thanks, It worked fine. Setup SQLExpress and installed
        WSS 3 as a front-end server on the same box. Now unlike
        being locked into a single server install I cann add front
        ends etc. I will be putting the 2nd FE on an optional port
        later this week.


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          by steffi28 ·

          In reply to WSS 3 Front End

          Glad it worked, Once you get it up and running, if you have any question feel free to PM, im not claiming to know everything but I can usually point you in the right direction if I dont.

          I’ve been working with SPS2003, MOSS2007 and WSS since August so I’ve learnt a fair bit about it. If your planning on customizing it much SharePoint Designer is quite good, theres a lot of changes you can do without needing to know ASP.NET although knowing it does help.

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          Hi Steffi

          by jsureszh ·

          In reply to Great

          I have some questions regarding WSS design aspects.

          My Client has a WSS setup with MSPS . They expose PWA to internal users and everything is fine. Now they want external users(their clients) to be able to access certain data from the Content DB. Example..Issues and Risks. There may be many risks that are part of the projects they are handling, some of them need to be exposed to external clients. I can see already that there is a need for 2 sets of installation. One set of servers facing internal users and another as client facing and both pointing to same DB but with filters. Do you have any idea as to how this can be achieved.

          Thank you

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