SharePoint and Access- Getting started

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I have a need to make an MS Access database available to remote users. My limited research indicates that SharePoint is a good way to do this. The data is highly sensitive so security is a priority. The Access db is currently Access 2003 (clients.mdb). I have access to multiple versions of Windows Server, Access and Sharepoint for this test. I can limit users to Intranet access if there are concerns about Internet security, just thought I would try without remote users using VPN (not a major requirement). I am looking for:
1. Product mix suggestion: ( ex. WS 2003, Sharepoint 2007, Access 2003)?
2. Do all remote users have to have Access on their laptop to edit data?
3. Do I need to upgrade clients.mdb to clients.accdb?
4. Any suggested reading?

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Answer: SP & Access

by ohls1228 In reply to SharePoint and Access- Ge ...


I'm new to this site but I noticed you have not received an answer to your question yet, so hopefully this helps.

At the moment Access databases are a strict no-no in SharePoint 2007. They can get generally corrupted and you can't even upload them. In SharePoint 2010 there is a new Access service that will allow uses to connect their desktop access client directly to the SharePoint 2010 Access service site.

This requires SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010 (while I have seen some mentioned about Access 2007 I have not personally test that combination yet).


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