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By The Scummy One ·
Ok, here is the scoop. I want to add a few small features to a couple of our internal sharepoint sites using workflows. I read a little about it and thought that it should not be too difficult.
I am not a web design person and I have never really used Frontpage or Sharepoint Designer before. I was able to install a legit company copy of Sharepoint Designer, however, it came with no instructions, so I gotta piece shlt together from the help files .

Question, anybody here design workflows with Sharepoint Designer, and can it be done by a beginner? The workflow that I want to create would be something like this

item gets put in document library
email sent to several people with different task lists, several tasks per list. Each task can be independantly marked as done/complete without marking the entire workflow as done/complete. Any of the users with permissions can easily determine what has and has not been completed for any of the in progress tasks. There will likely be several at any time (up to 20). When closed it should move the file and completed task to a sub-folder.

In other words, would this be worth my time trying to create (beginner), or would it involve deep knowledge of Sharepoint and Sharepoint designer to create. If it requires deep knowledge, we may need to outsource the project, but this can take many, many months to start then.
Any feedback?

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Whew Weeee!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Sharepoint Designer -- Sh ...

You're all the way up to using Designer already? I'm still trying to figure out how to organize/create the site from scratch and give appropriate permissions to those who will be accessing different areas! :-& I haven't touched Designer yet.

OK, workflows huh?.... Hmmmmm......

Nope, the instruction manual I was given doesn't even mention that word. Sorry!

But, I'm reading about it here:

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Yeah, it isnt pretty

by w2ktechman In reply to Whew Weeee!

I hate the way permissions were done. It may make more sense to me if I didnt already know Windows permissions structure

And, I still have problems with groups, adding/removing users and stuff... But, I got a few sites working, permissions, views, etc..

I even have the calendar going :)

But the workflows would really, really help out. I am just wondering if it is worth my time, or if I need to really study just to put a few together.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Yeah, it isnt pretty

I'm a FrontPage user, so I understand the Designer concept. But, it's obviously going to require a LOT of studying to use it. Based on the little bit I read last night, most of the terminology has changed and quickly went right over my head! Zzzziiiiinnnnggggg! It's going to take some quiet evenings with no distractions to actually absorb some of that stuff! It's not something I would want to try and study at work with all of the normal distractions. :-&

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LOL -- I guess

by w2ktechman In reply to Concept.....

that is the real reason our web designer doesnt know either :^0
MS likes making their own terminology, especially if it uses the same terms as standards, but they make them mean different things.

Arghh, I was hoping for a little different feedback, like -- yes, easy to do

Anyway, thanks. When I log in as Scummy, I owe some t-ups

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WSS 3.0 and SP Designer 2007

by ZEPLIN1 In reply to LOL -- I guess

I'm kind of in the same boat, but yes, I'm finding it worth learning and understanding myself. There are several great SharePoint for Dummy books and MS Step-by-Step books out there on WSS 3.0 and Office SP Designer 08 specifically. sells new and used very cheap.

Fortunately, where there's a will, there's a way. I also decided to hire an inexpensive consulting...I use SharePoint **1 ( They have an inexpensive agreement where you can call or email questions to help you along. Microsoft also has superb training videos and information on the SharePoint website.


The good news is, that once you achieve some efficiency, it's a resume builder! So, I'm investing with that in mind, even if I eat some of the cost in learning for the company.


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I think I forgot to mention

by The Scummy One In reply to Whew Weeee!

I did find these, but they are useful
Thank You

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SPD Workflows

by scorpaenopsis In reply to Sharepoint Designer -- Sh ...


There are some limitations in SPD Workflows, but to avoid them you need to learn C# / ASP.Net etc.
In my opinion this is the best and flexibles way to get Workflows fitting your bussiness, without the need of a developer.

Here are a link to some screencasts helping me to step into this topic. Hope this helps you as well.

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by ZEPLIN1 In reply to SPD Workflows

Good info! Thanks.

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by ZEPLIN1 In reply to SPD Workflows

I'm using SP WSS 3.0 and Designer '07. My workflows from inside SP WSS work fine. The workflows that I created in Designer work fine when I initiate them manually. But for some reason, when an activity occurs that should cause the Designer built workflows to trigger, nothing happens.

Any suggestions?

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