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    Sharepoint MOSS 07, BPM, Workflow, Suggestions?


    by dave ·

    I am looking to add BPM (business process management) and workflow functionality into my Sharepoint 2007 site. Sharepoint’s native functionality is not as comprehensive as I need it to be.

    I want to define a workflow process, the people involved, the amount of time (deadline) between processes in the timeline and have “timers” if you will that will E-mail one or many at any given point on the timeline based on completion / incompletion.

    For example, sales gets an order on August 1st and the workflow is set into motion. It notfies engineering and design right away. Engineering has 5 days in which to complete their task, Design has 12 days. If engineering isn’t 80% complete by day 4 (or their 5 days) then an event timer kicks out an E-mail to the engineering manager, etc.

    Other major requirement would be ease in altering the schedule if there was a delay in receiving raw goods for example.

    I have looked at K2 and some of the other major players but we are looking at $10,000 + easily.

    Does anybody know of an open-source or developers program that will provide the foundation on which to build without us having to completely write the module or a program that has this functionality that won’t cost an arm and a leg? (which management wouldn’t approve)

    Thanks in advance!


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