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    SharePoint Online VS DropBox


    by adhya ·

    We are planning to shift to cloud and the major issue bugging us is whether we should go for Office 365 E3 or DropBox …. Could you kindly help me in figuring out the positives of SharePoint Online over DropBox ( my boss is more aligned towards Microsoft ). Any help about the same will be really great. Cheers.

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      by adhya ·

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      SharePoint Online, Office 365, and DropBox are all totally different

      by naughtymonkey ·

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      SharePoint Online is a web collaboration platform that can be included with Office 365 or purchased separately that includes business intelligence functionality, content management, search, and other features.

      Office 365 (depending on your version, but since you mentioned E3 I will use that as a reference) is a complete office solution which includes email, web conferencing, IM, SPAM and malware protection, MS Office web/desktop applications, voicemail, file sharing using SkyDrive, Active Directory integration, and other features.

      DropBox is for cloud storage only. Yes the business version gives some more features and even includes SSO, but it is still not the same. It really depends on what you need to be able to do.

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