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    SharePoint Portal Server


    by yerky ·

    I am trying to find a way to correct an issue with Domain Name aliases within SPS. Apparently SPS does not allow users to access the workspaces with a CNAME entry in DNS. I have been told that it has something to do with the Proxycfg utility within SPS. Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

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      SharePoint Portal Server

      by matt.chamberlain ·

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      There’s actually two things that you need to do to make that work. I have it working with both netbios and with a FQDN names.

      First you need to configure SPS to know that both names can reach the SPS server without having to go through a proxy server. SPS does a lot of talking to itself in order to render the pages that it shows to users. If a user hits it with a netbios name, it pulls data from different virtual directories to generate the resultant page. It uses the same URL that the user passed to it, when it tries to look itself up.

      Use proxycfg.exe to configure a bypass address. The command should look something like:

      proxycfg.exe -d -p myproxy:80 “*;

      myproxy:80 is the same proxy that IE uses to get tothe Internet. If you don’t,use a proxy, you still have to specify one, but you can put in something like fakeproxy:80

      “*; is the domain portion of the FQDN that you are going to enter in your DNS for the server. If you users will enter you’d enter *

      is for all other local subnet hosts.

      Next you just need to configure the workspace in IIS to use host headers for the FQDN that users will refer to it by.

      Use the Internet Services Manager, select the default web site where the SPS virtual directories are located. Open the properties page for it, then on the Web Site tab, click on the Advanced button. In the “multiple identities for this web site” section, click on the Add button and type in the FQDN’s that your users will use (and port 80). This is where you set IIS to recognize the CNAME in DNS.

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        SharePoint Portal Server

        by shanghai sam ·

        In reply to SharePoint Portal Server

        After trying the suggested fix, it did not resolve the issue. I still can not access the Portal workspaces using the CNAME under DNS. I have only beeb able to develop a script to redirect the user to a defualt HTML page, then use reference linksto the workspaces using the netbios name. Thanks for the try though.

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