SharePoint Services 3.0 Can't Create New Site

By nmiller ·
I have messed around with Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 for awhile and I was looking into the new 3.0 version. I can't even get a site created on it. I try to go to the Site Actions tab but I click on it and I get no response. So then I go to the sites column and try to create a site there, and it will let me put in all of the information but when I go to hit the Create button it doesn't do anything at all. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I have the proper permissions to make sites?

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by morna In reply to SharePoint Services 3.0 C ...

RE: [sharepointdiscussions] Can't create sites

You are wonderful!!! Thank you it works now.


Quoting "Pulipaka, Shilpa" <shilpa.pulipaka@...>:

> I faced this issue just this morning.
> The issue is with you Internet Explorer settings. You might want to add
> your central admin Site as a trusted site in IE. Then it should start
> working.
> regards
> Shilpa
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> Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 2:56 PM
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> Subject: [sharepointdiscussions] Can't create sites
> I have built a VM which I installed SP 2007 Office Server.exe upon
> selecting the option to create a stand-alone install using SQL
> Express. I can navigate the portal, however, the system just stops
> responding when I selete "Site Actions" or try to "Create Site". The
> webpage does not act as if it is getting the request and just sits
> there. I can navigate back to the "Pages" or portal page. Has anyone
> else seen this behavior? What have I done wrong. I did verify that
> all the loaded SP services were started. I don't know what else to
> try. I followed Bill English's blog on the installation, however, I
> was never asked to configure the db information.

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Can'Create a Site

by sarathj In reply to Answer to the question

Many works

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