Shares not working on Win7 Pro P2P server

By HAFox ·
I've had a P2P Win7 Pro "server" running on our small (5 PC) office network for many months now. I recently added a large external drive to allow user backups of hard drives and/or files. I created folders with each user's login name below a "Backup" folder. I set share permissions to each folder for the appropriate user with full control of that folder.

Navigating through the "Network" folder on my Windows 7 laptop and can see the list of shared folders including my own. Unfortunately, if I try to open the folder, I'm presented with a "permissions" error and not allowed to view the contents.

What basic but crucial step am I missing in setting up those folders?

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Mixed OS environment doesn't work with HOMEGROUP

by HAFox In reply to This is probably what you ...

Thanks for the reply.

I'm sure that would be the solution for a homogeneous OS environment, but we've got a mixture of Windows XP and Windows 7, so HOMEGROUP sharing is out.

Fortunately (or not, depending on how you look at it) I accomplished my objective, but I'm not sure how exactly. After struggling for quite some time with different settings on the "server", I managed to end up with a "USERS2" share that contained the desired folders on the external drive. I have no idea how it happened because I never explicitly created a share location with that name. The whole thing was inadvertent on my part but it works. Navigating to the USERS2 share, each user can see their respective folder on the external drive and read and write it. Very strange!

My concern now is wondering what kind of holes I've also inadvertently opened up on that computer...

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