Sharing a Fax

By GuitarPaul ·
Hi all, I am new here so I hope this is in the right place. I am new to being a Network Admin and although I have a lot of knowledge of Server 2003 and WinXP I don't have a lot of experience in sharing a fax machine between 32 computers.

I have a Dell 1815 and the product manual says it can be used to allow electronic faxing over the network with everyone sharing the one phone/fax line it uses.

I have XP Pro on a machine with the Dell 1815 using the USB connection. I have the 1815 shared and can find and print to it on the network by browsing to it.

However, if I try to use Dell's Fax Configuration on another computer it will not find the 1815. I checked the IP and it was not getting assigned a DHCP IP address and so it used APIPA 169.254.blah blah blah. I tried setting it to use a manual IP setting in the same subnet as the rest of the network (192.168.0.*). It accepted the setting but I still could not find it with the software and I could not ping it.

As I said, over the network I can print on it when it uses the APIPA address. I tried using the Dell software to maually configure the IP but it returns an error stating it could not find the device.

I have searched quite a bit and the Dell site seems to have told me "Just find the IP and you are good to go".

Any ideas?

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this might help....

by ---TK--- In reply to Sharing a Fax

Hopefully this helps, its a How-to. Server side and client side, from MS....

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by GuitarPaul In reply to this might help....

That article was for Windows 95 so I was unable to follow the directions, but I will search for more stuff on Microsoft and check back here in a bit.

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fine print always gets me....

by ---TK--- In reply to Semi-helpful

is your server 03 box the Domain controller? if so it can not be set up according to this article

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by GuitarPaul In reply to fine print always gets me ...

You sure respond quickly! I think I am going to have to change my setup a little to get this to work. I tried many things and I think I am giving up for now. I appreciate your help though, never thought I would get such rapid responses. I am glad I signed up here.

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"with the Dell 1815 using the USB connection"

by 1bn0 In reply to Sharing a Fax

I would not expect that to work. The device needs its own network cable/conection.

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by GuitarPaul In reply to "with the Dell 1815 using ...

I am going to try a cheap hub and see if that gets us a DHCP address. If so I am golden If not I am going to tell my boss that we don't really need to use that functionality. It would be used by 4 people that barely know how to open a word processor anyway :-S

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I used a Linksys switch

by GuitarPaul In reply to Hub

I used a Linksys switch and it worked to get me a DHCP address. Now I have to find where the guy that used to run this setup put the CD-Rom so I can install Dell's Fax Wizard program. Can't find a download of it from Dell and it is not part of the driver bundle (the configure fax is but that doesn't allow you to actually fax). One problem at a time I am gonna get the kinks worked out yet!

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