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    Sharing a linux tip


    by lordinfidel ·

    One basic linux security standard is to prevent root from directly logging in. Forcing the user to first log in as someone else and then su to root.

    Now if you have ever added a user to the wheel group, you know that the operation is fairly straightforward. And although this is something I have done many times before.

    I have learned an invaluable lesson just now.

    After adding the unpriv user to the wheel group and putting the appropiate settings on wheel. I then went ahead and removed roots ability to log in by removing all entries in securetty.

    well, wasn’t I surprised that when I logged off as root and back on as the unpriv user. to my surprise I found that the user had no name (woops, must of have forgotten to add a username to that user) which by not doing so, did not let me su to root.

    I got the dreaded “permission denied”….

    F!@k…. well that teaches me. Always test your ability to su before removing roots ability to log in directly.

    Just a helpful tip from me…. now i’m off to reinstall! woohooo…

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      Ouch! I share your pain!

      by admin ·

      In reply to Sharing a linux tip

      I too, have lost root on nix and it’s a sad sad feeling 🙁

      HEy, my book arrived and I read 4 chapters… h3x is a dream! 🙂

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        she sounds hot eeh…

        by lordinfidel ·

        In reply to Ouch! I share your pain!

        I’d flip her bits around….

        (was that too geeky even for me?, maybe I should start wearing a pocket protector and hight waters)

        And if I just offended anyone who wears a pocket protector and high waters, well then get some hair on your chest.

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