Sharing a Printer on Wireless Network

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I am trying to create a wireless home network, I have a DSL modem that is hooked to a Dlink DI-624 wireless router and a cable from that to a Tower XP Pro computer, other is a laptop XP Media Center,which connects wirelessly. Both computers connect the internet fine, but when I try to view the network, can not ping either computer or the gateway? Both computers are in same workgroup, I have "bridged the connection's on wireless laptop, but can't on tower as there is only one connection? Any ideas on how to make this work is there something I'm missing. Thanks for any ideas.

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Whenever you go to share any resource in XP pro

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Sharing a Printer on Wire ...

you have to set up a user account on the machine with the resource for the machine that wishes to use it. Also set the printer up to share, and set up a network printer on the other machine.

Lets call the first machine Fred and the second Ralph. Fred has the printer and you want Ralph to be able to print off it. You have to establish a user account on Fred called Ralph and have it use the same password that Ralph uses. Then when Ralph wishes to access Fred he can access all the shared resources.

Share the printer by going to it on Fred, right click for the menus and activate the Share printer option.

Go to the machine without the printer and go through the Install Printer wizard using the Network printer option.

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