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By sherlc29 ·
I have two computers one hardwired to a wireless router the other wireless. I can share files. I have installed a program on my desktop that I would like to access to from my laptop. (I prefer that my files etc. remain on my desktop.) I have designated the program as share on my desktop. When I access the program from my laptop it does not work. I recieve various "null item at line ......." What am I doing wrong?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Sharing a Program

Most programs are not designed to run that way. Most likely what is happening is that the program has installed files into folders that are not visible by the share. This also complicates the problem because the program may have certain registry keys that it accesses on the computer it is installed on; thus the computer you are running it from does not have these entries. My sugguestion is to install it on the pc's that you needed it on. Just make sure that you are legally licensed to run these programs on each pc (Purchase a license for each pc).

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sharing a Program

It depends on the program. Sometimes if there isn't heavy Bandwidth issues you can get by, by just accessing the .EXE File remotely and running the application for the remote computer. But because things have got much bigger over the past few years this in most cases is no longer an option.

With programs like MYOB which used to be used this way quite a lot we now have to install it onto each computer and point the Data File to the remote computer. The size of the program is now so large that it can not be run remotely across the network without reacting very slowly and dropping everyone else off the LAN or effectively slowing their speed to almost nothing. The only thing that you really need to watch out for is to make sure that you redirect the data file on the remote machine so that it saves data and you have access to your data store. Once when an upgrade for MYOB came out several companies installed as per the destructions but as there was no mention of pointing to the Data File they where all hosting access locally so they had several installations of MYOB saving data locally and not being able to access the Master Data File. I got called in after 3 days and they wanted to integrate the 3 days work into the Master File which was of course not possible. But I got to wear all the complaints because they messed up the upgrade.


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