Sharing a Verizon wireless cellular connection

By acpforme ·

I have a laptop I am using Verizon wireless cellular service via a Novatel usb720 plug-in modem on.

This is the $60.00 per month/unlimited broadband access deal.

What I want to do is share the connection with a desktop in the same room (about a foot away from where the laptop is usually located).

Both computers are Vista home premium.

I am trying to do this economically.

Does it make sense to use a USB bridging cable for the network portion to connect the two computers? (the laptop does not have an Ethernet port).

Can you even tap into the internet connection on the laptop from a second computer when using Verizon's wireless cellular service?



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Similiar Situation...

by david In reply to Sharing a Verizon wireles ...

I just ordered this same thing from Verizon. I asked the salesman explicitly about being able to have this modem work with a router so that I could share this connection within my own private network. He said that it could totally be done - just connect the modem to the router and go from there.

I guess I was thinking that this modem would also have an ethernet outlet, but it doesn't. Given that you have to use VZAccess manager to connect (which seeks out the USB device), I don't see how this could work - even if you had a router with USB ports. Is there any such thing?

Unless I'm wrong, I'm guessing that the only answer could be ICS.

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Does this let you go online on ur gaming system?

by kerby_boost_16 In reply to Sharing a Verizon wireles ...

I have an xbox 360 and my dad wont let me go online. so i was wondering if there is a way to make this verizon wireless usb network thing will work... or if anything will work...

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crossover cable

by f1fan28 In reply to Sharing a Verizon wireles ...

I tried every possible way to connect though my wireless/wired router and have not found a way.
But just out of curiosity I tried connecting my laptop to my desktop with a crossover cable and got internet connectivity on both machines without having to use the vz access manager on both machines, just the first.
I made no changes to either machine(internet connection sharing...) that I was aware of. but if you have a crossover cable laying around its worth a try

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