Sharing AirCard access between laptops

By vasansrini ·
I have HP laptop with Vista and have verizon wireless aircard. Also have a dell laptop. Is there a way I can get internet access on dell via the air card on the other laptop. What kind of hardware/cable would I need?

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One at a time

by Tig2 In reply to Sharing AirCard access be ...

You can use your Air card on both machines but you cannot have them both using the Air Card at the same time. Verizon would be happy to sell you a second Air Card. They aren't intended to be networked.

If you want both your machines to network, you will need an ISP that will support a wireless router.

Good luck!

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Oh come on Tig

by jdclyde In reply to One at a time

I am sure you know of some illegal and unethical hack that will allow you to do this?

PAY for a service you are getting? What is the world coming to? :0

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Aircard Sharing

by frank.gearhart In reply to Sharing AirCard access be ...

Don't buy two cards. I use one machine as the internet gateway, connection sharing and a wireless router. You can also use the two laptops and create a adhoc network. Takes some tweaking but works great.

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TiggerTwo talked out his ***

by jonybader In reply to Aircard Sharing

Another way to share is via setting up your laptop's wifi as an (encrypted) access point. It's easier to setup than an ad-hoc, allows multiple computers, is invisble to the client end (just a normal wifi AP) etc. Most chipsets (ie Intel) allow for this functionality now.

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How would do that

by cbugera In reply to TiggerTwo talked out his ...

How would you go about hooking that up.... I have 4 computers that i want to hook up via a aircard that i have received from my service provider.... I have been told by many people that i cannot do this due to the fact that i dont have a network set up with all my computers...

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yes there is!!!

by brianmuschko In reply to Sharing AirCard access be ...

check out for easy to follow instructions

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by jjonesjr In reply to yes there is!!!

I tried but there is no response. It gives an error when I click on the "Buy Now" button.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to

Since the post you are replying to is about 9 months old, it's entirely possible the site no longer exists.

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Moore's Law?

by jajones In reply to Well.....

Doesn't technology increase exponentially, doubling approximately every two years? Nine months should show some new technologies!

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