Sharing an ADSL Line

By shamar.richards ·
I have a small business with about 50 users using the Internet heavy. I want to share the 6Mb ADSL connection. My present setup with the modem acting as router and modem has been very unstable the last couple of days

what is the best router to use that can handle the 50 computers plus more if there is expansion. The router must be easily configurable and must be able to limit access to the Internet via Mac Address so somebody cannot just plug in a machine and get connected to the Internet.

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by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Sharing an ADSL Line

I'm a big advicate of Cisco routers/ switches. I would prob recommend the Catalyst Express CE500-24PC.

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by shamar.richards In reply to Cisco

I fear though this Cisco product would satisfy all my needs it is a l little out of my price range. Looking for a cheaper alternative

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what are you using now? what exactly is the problem you're having?

by TG2 In reply to CE500-24PC

What are you using now, and what exactly is the problem that you're having?

flaky describes bicuits and pie crusts
unstable describes elements, people, and state changes..

but what do you really mean? connection goes down for some not others? some get to some places and not others? etc etc etc...

any tests you've run, do you monitor your bandwidth? do you have groups of users segregated off into seperate networks and then bring them all together to the one dsl connection?

and is the 6 meg sync or async? and if async, what is your upload speed, that too determines a lot of what you can get down.

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Current Setup

by shamar.richards In reply to what are you using now? w ...

the current setup features a speedtouch 536 ADSL modem which is he connected to a 8 port Cnet switch. The switch is then daisy chained to several other switches to which computers are connected.

the problem is that the Internet goes down quite frequently when up to twenty of the users are connected concurrently.

bandwidth cannot be monitored based on current setup but I would love to be able to restrict the amount of bandwidth that p2p consumes.

the line is asynchronous 6mb/1mb
your help is greatly appreciated

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