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Sharing and mapping question NT 4.0

By Samduhman ·
Im confused about the whole sharing and mapping procedure. If I have a directory which looks something like this e:\users\shared\
how would I map the shared folder and not the users? Ive been trying to map our users to the shared drive but when I right click on network neigborhood selecting map network drive then drill down throught the network the closest I can may is the user directory. How come I can map closer?

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You need win2k.

by joe_beasley In reply to Sharing and mapping quest ...

nt 4.0 does not let you map to the subdirectories of the share. Win2k does.

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by Samduhman In reply to You need win2k.

Wish I could edit my post. There are some typos there. Anyway W2K not an option where I work.

So what your saying is I need to remove the share from my user folder and just share out the user folders individually and that will fix my problem? I have about 100 users under the users directory including the shared folder.

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by joe_beasley In reply to

remove the share from the user folder and put it on the 'share' folder.

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by Malcolm R In reply to

Joe has it right. You can script it with the "net share" command pretty easily. We use hidden shares so all those user home directories don't show up in the browse lists.


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Sharing and mapping in NT4

by sean.watmore In reply to Sharing and mapping quest ...

If I understand your question correctly and -

If you do not want to go to Win2K, you could create a share on the folder you are interested in.

On the machine where E:\users\shared\ exists,
Drill into folder users
Right click on folder shared
selected sharing
set the share name as shared if you want everyone to see it in network neighbourhood, or call it shared$ and it will be hidden.
If you need to control access to the share then you can do so through the permissions button on the sharing tab.
Once the share is created you should be able to map in the normal manner.

Hope this is what you wanted

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