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    Sharing and workgroup issue


    by tecnico computer services ·

    I have a small network setup and all three computers share files with eachother no issues. One computer went down and we bought a new Dell and I imaged the old hard drive on to the new one.
    Now everything is fine but on the new I can’t see any other workgroup computers. BUT on the other two coputers I can see the new one but can’t access it.

    I was able to browse by IP and share name from the new to the older computers and I can see their files that way but I can’t see from the old to the new.

    I have checked all settings and they are the same on all three. I tried to ping another computer with no sucess. The computer browser service is runiing, the server service is running, firewall is disabled, I tried to use IPX/SPX with no luck.

    Please any suggestions would help.

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      by tecnico computer services ·

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      Have you installed

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Sharing and workgroup issue

      the latest Device Drivers for your Motherboard and Network card. Is File and Print Shareing enabled.

      Advanced network adapter troubleshooting for Windows workstations

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        Yes file sharing is installed

        by tecnico computer services ·

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          On the PC’s

          by rob miners ·

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          go to a command prompt and type in route print > c:\rt1.txt and press Enter. Then see what you are connected to by comparing the files.

          < thought that I had better add "press Enter" >

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          A bit more info

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to On the PC’s

          Troubleshooting Windows Firewall

          To Disable the Norton Firewall

          Right-click the Norton Internet Security icon on the system tray and select Disable.

          To Disable the McAfee Firewall

          Uninstall McAfee
          Reinstall McAfee, selecting Custom Installation.
          Unselect McAfee Firewall.
          Finish the rest of the McAfee installation as you did before.

          To Disable Zone Alarm

          Right-click the Zone Alarm icon in the System Tray, and select Shutdown Zone Alarm.
          Also search the Zone Alarm forum for such issues as this product continually logging people off AOL, or Windows XP wrongly reporting that Zone Alarm has been turned off.

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      I had a similar issue here at home once.

      by ontheropes ·

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      For some reason I lost the ability to see the files on another computer on my small network even though I could ping it. I opened Windows Explorer, performed a Search for the other computer by name and after my computer found it it’s been available to me ever since.

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        What I found that works every time…

        by thumbsup2 ·

        In reply to I had a similar issue here at home once.

        … is to simply use the Network Setup Wizard. You know, that one we all forget about all the time that sits under the link in Network Places called “Set up a home or small business network”? 😉

        That Wiz makes a change somewhere to the firewall settings that apparently looks OK when we look at it. But, it’s not. For some reason, on some computers, what we see is not what we get. The Wiz always seems to find the problem and fix it even though we can’t see that it’s there. Even just starting the Wiz and canceling causes Windows Defender to start hollering that changes have been made to the firewall. So, I know it’s reaching out to touch it, lovingly of course! 😉

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