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Sharing broadband (and files)

By abanerji ·
I have two Compaq PCs. PC 1 runs XP-pro SP1, and PC 2 runs XP-pro SP2. These two are peer-to-peer networked through a cable, essentially for sharing files. Internet access was (and still possible) through dial-up access from either PC, but on standalone mode.

I have now got a broadband connection through an ADSL modem, which is hooked to PC2 on USB. The modem has an ethernet port (not used yet).

PC1's dial-up connections (several) are all enabled with internet connection firewall, but the peer-to-peer LAN is not firewalled.
PC2's dial-up connections (also several, for fallback when broadband is down) are all enabled with windows firewall, additionally the peer-to-peer LAN is firewalled on this machine.
The ADSL modem has a built-in firewall.

I would like PC1 to access the broadband connection too. How to set it please, such that my file-sharing network is not disturbed? I have very basic understanding of networks, so would appreciate simple directions.
Right now my PC2 system tray shows two LANs - the peer-to-peer and broadband. PC1 system tray has only one LAN - the peer-to-peer.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Sharing broadband (and fi ...

A step-by-step guide is available at

Basically, you will want to put a router between your workstations and hang the DSL modem off the router. Then both workstations can use the modem.

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Any software solution?

by abanerji In reply to Guide

Thanks for your prompt response. Apart from the hardware solution, is it possible to use software to share broadband?

For example, what if I activate ICS on the host? Would that work, or would that interfere with my second LAN (peer-to-peer)? Also, if it works, what should the settings be in both PCs?

The step-by-step guide link is wonderful, but essentially advises about starting from scratch. I already have two LANs running ... so, how to just tweak the existing settings?

Finally, I found a freeware "Analog-X Proxy" ( Can this help, and especially under XP?

Thanks again.

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