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sharing contacts

By networknanny ·
Is there a method available to share an Outlook contacts list and an e-mail distribution list containing those contacts between two (or more)users such that both users are able to make modifications to the lists?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to sharing contacts has a page about shared contacts at You may want to try the Briefcase method, described at

Note that you are sharing the .pst file, not individual items inside it.

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OfficeCalendar or 3StepShare

by jimturner8989 In reply to sharing contacts

As an update to this older question for those that may come across it. We were looking for the same type of solution, and the answer to this person's question is Yes. There are two 3rd party applications that I have found that let you share Outlook contact list and email distribution lists, and allow everyone sharing the ability to make modifications.

The first product I came across is OfficeCalendar, The product works flawlessly for the purposes outlined here and it also allows you to share other Outlook folders like calendar and tasks.

The second product is 3StepShare, This product isn't quite as nifty as OfficeCalendar because it uses email to sync shared folders, but it works and it cost a little less than OfficeCalendar.

There you go; two different Outlook addins that allow to share Outlook contacts and email distribution lists and more.

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