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sharing directories on 3 machines over switch

By action23 ·

i have 3 identical industrial machines with PCs.

Each machine have an industrial pc(with XP Pro) and 2 control boards which ip addresses have been set.In each machine; control boards and machines's pc communicate over machine's hub.

i need to share same directory on each PC and check some files from here by my office notebook(remote connection for data logging).

i have 3 PC with same IP,and all identical electronic boards have same IP addresses,3 hubs and my own notebook.

how i can solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

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Unique IPs

by Choppit In reply to sharing directories on 3 ...

Well, for starters you need to assign all devices a *unique* IP on the same subnet. Connect all devices to your LAN and configure windows file sharing.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Unique IPs

Changing the IP address for the three networks to be in the same subnet is the best solution, but i know its not easy to change the IP address for industrial applications.
So, you can only use NATing:
You need a router with four ethernet ports, one for each network and one for your laptop, then you can configure the router to NAT the IP address of each network to a unique IP, with the same subnet of your laptop.
This can be done from HW firewall or a router and most probably from MS ISA.

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Humm didn't read he had 3 networks

by CG IT In reply to NATing

read he had 3 machines on one network running Windows XP which he wants to share a directory.

What he had to realize is that the computer is part of a workgroup and that workgroup is a security boundry. only those computers who are part of the same workgroup can access shares over the network without having to use the log on box.

On microsoft help and support there is an 8 part how to article on setting up file sharing in Windows XP. Here is part 1 of the 8 part series. The same procedures are used for XP home as for XP pro

Here is an article on simple file sharing

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assigning second ip possibility

by action23 In reply to Humm didn't read he had 3 ...

Firstly,thanks for the fast replies.

Yes i have 3 separate and identical machines/networks.

it is very hard to change the ip addresses of electronic boards and is very is the last solution for me.

Is there possibility to assign to each PC additional static ip address and sharing the files.Then i can use a switch to connect to each machine's hub and so to PCs.

In this case may i face with conflict possibiity of same electronic boards' ip addresses?

i need only shared file on each pc.

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machines aren't networks

by CG IT In reply to assigning second ip possi ...

at the least in using ethernet.

If you have PCs running windows XP then those PCs have network cards where the ethernet cable plugs into [RJ45 connector]. you assign those network cards an address typically using the private Class C subnet

If you don't have at the least this knowledge, go hire a professional.

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my solution:ethernet card with 2 RJ45 socket

by action23 In reply to machines aren't networks

firstly thanks for your kind replies,

i have get 3 industrial ethernet card with two sockets.i assigned the static ip address(on second socket) which i want to do.i connected 3 PCs to office PC over switch.Finally,i can share needed files and retrieve data.In this case;i did not need to change any primary ip address of 3 PCs or electronic boards.

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Well here it all depends on how the computers are set up

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to sharing directories on 3 ...

But 3 different Industrial devices with the same IP Address doesn't necessarily mean that you have 3 different LAN's.

How are the Computers on these devices connected to the LAN?

Or do the Control Boards connect to the LAN?

What is the type of Connection used CAT Cable, Coax Cable, Optical Fiber Cable, Wireless Connection.?

Probably more importantly what are these computers actually driving? Things like Computer Controlled Lathes and so on need to be address differently to light Industrial devices.


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