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sharing dsl with client using usb modem

By nhornick ·
The isp's of course don't want you to be able to share a dsl line for small
"home" type networks so they usually provide a USB type DSL modem.
The inexpensive DSL routers tell me you gotta have an Ethernet style DSL modem and you can't share the account using them unless it is ethernet style - for
IP gateway on its nic - Well I think it can be done without setting up a proxy
server - software like winroute etc should allow this - but I have never done it. Can anybody advise ?
Want to share a pc running 98se with its working USB single DSL account.
PC is currently networked to a NT 4 PDC
and there are two other clients - another 98se client and an I-mac all
on 100 T with internal TCP/IP.

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Win98 SE - ICS

by Stephen Nurse In reply to sharing dsl with client u ...

Turn Internet Connection Sharing on. Win998 SE supports this function. The Win98 box then works as a router to the public (DSL) side and a private (ethernet) side using an private netblock of You would need to assign static IPs of put DHCP on the NT PDC. There is a registry hack out there that would allow you to alter the net number forced by Microsoft, but I don't know where it is.

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DSL USB modem & connection sharing

by rrussell110 In reply to sharing dsl with client u ...

The USB dsl modems use a new standard called PPPoE (Point to Point over Ethernet)for broadband connections that require authentication.

The setup is something like RJ14/11 to DSL modem. DSL modem connects to PC by USB port.
A NIC is then connected to a HUB by RJ45. In essence you now have a router.

ISPs like Bell Sympatico, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, Pacific Bell, and Earthlink typically use this setup.

There is software form SYGATE that allows for connection sharing thru PPPoE dsl connections. There is however an issue that is fixable by editing the registry hive for the MTU since PPPoE implementations appends data to packets and increases the size to over 1500 bytes(MaxMTU). Resulting in packet fragmentation as it's passed to the internet.

Go to this url and check it out. It maybe worth a try.

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Draytek Vigor 2200 USB DSL Router

by levik7 In reply to sharing dsl with client u ...

I have the same problem and just one minute ago I found the apparent answer. The only DSL router that works with a USB connection on the WAN side, check out this link:

Good Luck!

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