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    Sharing email account using exchange 5.5


    by pisces_ldh ·

    i want to share one email account among many users so that all users are able to see all the emails on their desktops and any user can send email using that account. Is this possibe in exchange server 5.5. If yes how

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      by mjholley ·

      In reply to Sharing email account using exchange 5.5

      You can make a user name on the domain and give everyone the password and then set up the exchange e-mail box for that user name and then everone can share that e-mail box.

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        this doesn’t solve my problem

        by pisces_ldh ·

        In reply to Exchange

        How can i transfer messages from internet to that mailbox and how can a mail written by particular user can be transfered to internet,

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      Sharing email account Exchange 5.5

      by sdillon365 ·

      In reply to Sharing email account using exchange 5.5

      Under “Services” of the users Outlook client, go to the properties of “Microsoft Exchange Server”, go to “Advanced” tab and ADD the Mailbox of the email account you want shared. This will have to be selected on each users Outlook Client. Within Exchange Admin you will have to add each specific user within the “Delivery Options” tab to “Give Send On Behalf Of permission to”.

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